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Tears of Venus

Medicina Ancestral - Painting by Artist E Esperanza

Medicina Ancestral - Painting by Artist E Esperanza

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Painting by artist E Esperanza 

Medicina Ancestral, acrylic on reclaimed salvaged antique linen, 18”x30”, 2023

“…An original voice in a sea of mundane posers,” (Amy Davis, Mod Fuck Explosion [1994], PIG DEATH MACHINE [2013]).

E. Esperanza is a 2-Spirit (they/them) Mexican-American multidisciplinary artist and award-winning filmmaker of indigenous Zapotec, Mixtec, and mixed-European ancestry. Across mediums, Esperanza’s work articulates their journey in navigating the complexities of identity as a queer bi-cultural mixed-indigenous person and being a bridge person between worlds, culturally and spiritually. 

An advocate of rebellious voices in cinema, Esperanza is the founder of WRETCHED NOBLES, a Chicago-based DIY film/video screening and shorts program running from 2014 to 2018. They have toured nationally with their series ‘WRETCHED WOMAN’, and their award-winning no-budget film, Make Out Party.

In 2016 and again in 2018, Esperanza received recognition as one of Chicago Newcity’s ‘Film 50: Chicago’s Screen Gems’. Esperanza and their work have been featured in numerous publications including American Art Collector Magazine, Moviemaker Magazine, OUT Magazine, PAPER Magazine, Filmmaker Magazine, and Rolling Stone. Esperanza’s film, Make Out Party, won a Jury Award for “Most Innovative Short Film, Award for Excellence” at the 23rd Annual TWIST Seattle Queer Film Festival in 2018 and “Best Production Design” at Las Vegas Queer Arts Festival 2018.

They are currently based in Santa Fe, NM, where they paint, model, sling vintage clothing, and play native flute music under the name TECUANI.

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